Early Races – Children of a Brilliant Dawn

  • Beastmen – Ancient ancestors of Humans and Goblins
  • Dragonborn – get of Dragons, spawned from a cataclysmic war
  • Dverung – Dwarves, escaped slaves of the Titans and the Primordials
  • Ealu – Eladrin, Elves, and Drow – the followers of the Alabaster Rose – and their patron-races, the Gnomes and Wilden

Born of Hero’s Blood – Ansharu’s Zenith

  • Deva – perfect incarnations of divinity, forever denied the final step of escaping kharma and achieving nirvana
  • Geodim – Goliaths, creations (?) of the Dverung, a fortunate byproduct of the Starmetal Cults
  • Goblins – Bugbears, Goblins, and Hobgoblins – dirty, underhanded offshoots of Man
  • Halflings – gypsies and riverfolk, existing side by side with Man
  • Humans – students of the Dragonborn in matters of honor and noblility; conquerers and nation-builders

Born from Shadow – Forever Twilight

  • Changeling – creatures of shadow with no face of their own
  • Half-Elves and Half-Orcs – children born of forced association
  • Revenants – not quite alive, and not quite dead, these are beings that have returned to the world to fight a greater undead enemy
  • Tieflings – cursed forever by the Unliving Host through devil’s blood
  • Warforged – mystical Dverung machines inadvertently reactivated and unleashed upon the world


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