It was when the consuming darkness flowed out from underneath shadows and from behind dusk. It was the day that a great blackness welled up in the center of great Ansharu, leaving behind only a pale ring of ethereal white that cast bleak light across the landscape. And then the Shadar-kai legions of the Undershadow marched forth, and the only color that filled the land was that of spilled crimson blood…

The Wraithlight Chronicles is a D&D 4th edition campaign set in the world of Dûrm, a land threatened by eternal shadow and the minions of a mad god-like champion. The Creeping Darkness, the Gloomveil, Undershadow — these are all names for the realm of blackness that spills forth across the land, consuming the life of all that it touches. And following after it are the Blight Legions, the Shadar-kai, an army of murderous sacrificers and “death-conquerors”.

The nations of Man and the realms of the demihumans have been overrun by the relentless Shadar-kai, converting those they can to their wicked faith, and killing the rest. Forced into a tiny corner of what remains of the Bright World, life is grim, depressing, and quite often short. The land cries out for heroes to deliver them from being consumed by darkness.

We are currently looking for artists to help bring life to this campaign. If you are interested in contributing artwork, send a message to Uruzrune!

Disclaimer: Formerly known as “The Black Sun Chronicles” or “BSC”. Unless otherwise noted, all artwork here is obtained without permission from Google™ Images. If you would like credit for any work you see here, please contact the owner of this campaign. All references to D&D 4th Edition books is ©2008-2009 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Everything else here is ©2009-2013 Alexander J Skrabut unless otherwise noted. Thanks!

The Wraithlight Chronicles

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