#2: A Portrait of Divinity

The characters take the divine portrait of Mehra north to Cappacia.

December 04, 2010 17:00

An examination of the picture reveals supernal text on the back of the picture, inscribed in beautiful calligraphy. The depiction of Mehra with slashed wrists is an archaic and unusual image.
Several hundred silent spectral figures have gathered outside the barrow entrance to greet the party. The ghosts represent a cross section of village life
The spectral host parts to reveal the spirit of a young girl, possibly an avatar of Mehra herself. She says only, “You have a special gift. Take it to a safe place.”
In the middle of the night, A’shale has suddenly departed, leaving a a note with young grimpriest telling the party to go on without him while he answers the call of his kin
The young grimpriest (Alo) begins to recover his faith prompted none too gently by the party. He begins to rebuild Mehra’s shrine with the help of Mordrek.
The party decides to travel to the capital city Cappacia seeking to deliver the picture to Mehra’s temple, perhaps unlock its secrets, and begin investigating senator Opponious.
Party hires a local villager and his cart to transport the picture to Capaecia. Mordrek cleverly adds a second floor to the cart to conceal the picture.
Party encounters six eladrin kinghts at a wayside inn. They are seeking a Tiefling warlock named Mirasta who is supposedly in league with the Unliving Host.
Arriving at the outskirts of the city, the party is threatened by a group of thugs from the the slums. A short fight ensues and the gang is driven off.
Party enters the city proper, and is allowed entry because of Mordrek’s status as a priest and Nahjra’s dragonborn ancestry.
The party reaches the temple of Mehra and is about to deliver the picture to the temple when a portal opens. Four grey skinned dragonborn, a mercury dragon wyrmling(?), and an invisible kobold tasked with destroying the picture emerge. An intense battle ensues, and aided by the grimpriest the party truimphs.
Party meets the senior grimpriest of Mehra () and the captain of the guard, a northerner named Hargam Tholler as a result of the combat in the temple district. From the grimpriest the party learns the dragonborn underwent a forced conversion to the unliving host, indicated by the strange burns on their necks. They also collect an odd assortment of magical equipment from the fallen dragonborn, further evidence of the desperatre nature of the attack. From Captain Hargram the party learns the dragonborn frequent two places in the city, the guild of esoterics (wizard’s guild) and the compound of a mercenary band known as the Blade of the Worm. Hargram also warns the party that all wielders of magic must register with the guild of esoterics by law.


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