#3: The Denizens of Cappacia

The characters deal with the multifaceted denizens of Cappacia and realize they have enemies on all sides.

December 18, 2010 17:00

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The party pays a visit to the esoteric guild. They meet the scribe Unastos and learn dragonborn from The Blade of the Worm were recently hired by the guild. The contract was off the books so Unastos does not know specifically who made the contract.

They also learn that the Tiefling warlock Merasta was recently registered with the guild, but fled the city after engaging in criminal behavior? (or perhaps just left the city).

Party demands a public meeting with Tenastos, a senior member of the esoterics. After a long wait, he arrives none to pleased, says little, and departs, uttering, “Lammash be with you.” After a bit of reflection the party realizes the god Lammash was driven mad by his obsession with arcane power and the betrayal he perpetrated to claim that power.

On the way to visit The Blade of the Worm the party is ambushed once again, this time by a wizard and four dragonborn mercenaries from the blade of the worm. The wizards head is seperated from his body and delivered to the esoterics by A’shale. The dragonborn mercenaries surrender after the wizard meets his demise. A terse note is found on the wizard ordering him to deal with the outsiders. The note is later confirmed to have been written by the hand of Tenastos.

The party continues onto the compound and meets Volengar, an aging, hookah smoking dragonborn who heads the Blade of the Worm. Nahjra is able to make a deal with Volengar after challenging his honor. Nahjra promises to rescue Volengar’s daughter who is being held hostage by senator Opponius. In return, Volengar promises The Blade of the Worm will depart the city. He also arranges a mercenary escort to protect the party as they move about the city.

The party tours the city with their bodyguards and has a strange encounter in the senate district. Junior senator Senacus invites the party to attend a dinner at his villa. They learn senator Opponius will be attending, and accept Senacus’ invitation. While interacting with Senacus the party discovers he possesses a most foul and unnatural aura.


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