#4: Flight to Myhorlan

Examining their options, the party chooses to flee Cappacia to a land behind the front lines of the Unliving Host.

January 22, 2011 17:00

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Mordrek cloisters himself in the temple of Eheskir and has a vision of the storm goddess.
In the vision he sees a desolate, storm wracked landscape. A flash of lightning strikes a the top of stone spire, and the illumination reveals Eheskir imprisoned in a cage of corrupt energy. Mordrek realizes the landscape in his vision is identical to the one depicted in the painting. He awakens with the epipahny that Mehra is not dead, but imprisoned in the same place as Eheskir. Rhohasn believes that the locale depicted in the painting is either the abyss or the elemental chaos.

The party returns to the temple of Mehra and discovers that Mordrek’s vision of Eheskir has appeared on the painting. The grimpriest tells of the strife between Lammash and Eheskir, and how her betrayal and imprisonment is now considered to be a portent of the unliving host’s arrival.

The party visits the temple of Ansharu before attending the dinner at the villa Senacus. They meet a young acolyte, and in a customarily truculent manner demand to meet the head priest. In short order the richly arrayed head of the order arrives accompanied by a six paladins. The priest exhanges insults and threats with the party, some vieled and some open. He imperiously orders the party to leave and departs. The six paladins remain standing guard over the party.

The acoylte returns and asks to speak with the party outside the temple. He reveals himself to be a duskweaver, one of the true faithful who believes that Ansharu is not dead. The duskweavers believe that the spirit of Ansahru endures in his sword morningbrand which fell to earth after his defeat and remains lost.

The party invites the priest to come to the temple of Mehra to see the painting. As Rodminden steps over the threshold, an invisible wraith following the party is destroyed by the temple’s wards. In the confusion four more wraith materialize and assail the party. The wraiths are defeated but the young duskweaver is slain and rises as a shade and flees the battlefield. Once the duskweaver is slain the wraiths attempt to flee the battlefield. The party concludes slaying the acolyte was the goal of the attack, but remains unnerved by the constant threat of being attacked and the fear that the enemy will discover the painting.

The party enters the temple and after a long debate makes a bold decision. Rather than attend the dinner with Senacus, and then attempt to rescue the daughter of Volengar they decide to leave Capaecia immediately. The grimpriest begins to prepare a ritual to travel via magic portal to the grey spires, but the party countermands this decision and instead decides to travel 1,000 miles behind enemy lines to the great temple of Mehurland where the portal is currently linked. Rodminden and Rhohasn remain unconvinced but are not willing to split the party.

During the debate, the grimpriest Allon from Gannod’s Vale arrives and declares himself a refugee. Allon claims six Ealu came and burned the village after declaring it was unclean. These were undoubtedly the six Ealu who claimed to be hunting the tiefling sorcerer Merasta. This revelation only hardens the resolve of Nahjra, A’shale and Modrek to leave Capeacia immedaitely. Allon and all the young priests in the temple prepare to depart for Mehurland. The expedition enters the portal as fire rains down on the temple. The reverend grimpriest activates the portal and remains behind to confront the attackers violating his temple.

The party arrives in an empty temple at the heart of a great city shattered by war. The party discovers a magical cornerstone that may be the key to the temple’s wards. Rhohasn destroys the activation glyph for the temple’s portal as the party has no way to operate the portal or prevent the guild of esoterics from using it. A’shale notes two low campfires burning among the ruins while scouting. A secret door is found leading to a crypt filled with sacred items and the faithful who died with them. Another door opens into the catacombs beneath the temple.


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