1. (part 1) The Three Aspects of Mehra

April 25, 2011 20:56

The party chose to pass through the secret door and entered a large chamber lined with a double row of massive columns. Tapestries covered the walls depicting various aspects of Mehra’s power. The floor was strewn with skeletons. Some appeared to be common folk, some priests, and other warriors arrayed in a defensive line facing the door. There were no signs of a battle, and the party suspected magic or poison at work. The entire chamber was found to be warded form scrying and divination, but the party could not determine exactly how Mehra’s faithful met their demise. At the far end of the hall there was a door bearing the runic inscription “antechamber of the three treasures.”

Beyond the door lay a short, dust free corridor that ended in an three way intersection. There was a heavy brass door engraved with runes which translated as “the gift of death.” The other two passages were blocked by bars made of a silver metal unknown to the party. The bars each bore an inscription, one "the gift of earth and the other “the gift of change.” There was a small depression in the floor before the door and each set of bars. Rodminden sensed a watchful presence behind the bars.

Led by Mordrek, the party gathered the necessary materials to perform the ritual. They returned to the first chamber and found three braziers among the skeletons. A brazier was placed in the hollow before each door. Bone fragments were assigned to the gift of death, organic matter to the gift of earth, and blood to the gift of change in accord with the depictions on the tapestries. The braziers were lit and a smokeless fire rose as the offerings burned.

The silver bars disappeared. The chamber of earth had an altar with a giant pick axe mounted on the wall above a rune inscribed altar. The chamber of change contained another altar and many sets of red vestments and robes hanging on the walls. Behind the door of death hung black grimpriest robes and many silver bowls and pitchers of great worth. The entire party sensed the watchful presence very intensely as they entered Mehra’s most sacred chamber. Within they find another altar where a picture appeared to have once been hanging on the wall.

A’shale returned to the temple proper and ordered Alo to join them with the picture of Mehra. When raised in place the picture magically fixed itself to the wall above the altar of death. Alo doned the vestments of a grimpriest and bowed in silent prayer before the picture. The party left Alo in prayer and prepared to descend into the catacombs.


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