1. (part 2) Fate of the Faithful

April 26, 2011 12:10

The party returned the way they came and descended a spiral staircase into the darkness of the catacombs. The spiral staircase ended at a heavy, rough hewn stone door. The party opened the door and entered a long, dank corridor with a trough of fetid water running down the left hand side of the corridor. The water was harmless and only few inches deep. Hundreds of skulls placed in alcoves lined the corridor.

Following the corridor the party entered a large chamber filled with rotting furniture and other piles of refuse. Roots hung form the ceiling and walls of the crumbling chamber. As the party explored the room, a pair of rot grub swarms erupted from a midden pile and swarmed over the dragonborn. Simultaneously four shadowy, blade wielding figures coalesced out of the darkness and attacked. The party was able to determine the attackers were corrupt deva servitors of the unliving host. The party defeated the fallen deva and discovered nothing else of importance in the room.

Exiting the room the party came to another large chamber. A large depression strewn with bones had to be crossed to enter the chamber. Nahjra, Rodminden, and A’shale all could hear scuttling sounds coming the cieling above the boneyard. As the party debated what to do, voices could be heard whispering in the darkness. A’shale loaded a skull with rot grub larvae and hurled it at the source of the whispering. The skull made a loud crack as it connected with the hidden target. A howl of rage was heard and then cackling laughter followed by the sound of something greedily consuming the grubs. A chorus of cackling voices called out to the adventurers saying, “We are hungry for more than grubs! Come and feed us!”

Nahjra jumped the boneyard with a mighty leap and moved into the room. Mordrek began to study the boneyard and realized it was a magical trap. Three wights climbing on the ceiling moved into the circle of light cast by the sunrods and attacked Nahjra. As Mordrek worked to disable the necrotic energy powering the trap, Rhohasn impatiently waded into the bone yard and was summarily swarmed by grasping skeletal hands. A’shale began systematically pulling the wights from the ceiling with a magical thorn whip. This allowed the rest of the party to concentrate their attacks and quickly defeat the wights.

There were eight doors in the chamber. On one side four doors opened into an area rendered impassable by a cave in. The other four doors contained modest living chambers. A chest with a false bottom was found. The weapons were mundane but of good quality, so Nahjra gathered them up to arm the grimpriests of Mehra. A statute of the war god Krai lay fallen and shattered at the far end of the chamber. The party realized they had passed into a temple of Krai connected to Mehra’s great temple via the secret door. Combining their esoteric knowledge the party realized there was an ancient alliance between Mehra and Krai forged by a shared reverence for death.

Continuing on the party came to a great chamber filled with row upon row of coffins. The party could hear the sound of rushing water emanating from a metal grate set in the floor.
In the last row of coffins the party encountered a blue slime, which they surrounded and quickly dispatched. A brief search of the area revealed a crumbling staircase ascending into the darkness. Rhohasn sensed magic emanating from a few of the coffins as the party slumped down to rest a few brief moments.


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